All hose assemblies undergo extensive testing in accordance with international standards and customer specifications. For example, hose assemblies produced for breathing apparatus are 100% tested with compressed air underwater and subject to high fitting pull off testing before delivery can be made.

Codan has many years experience in the manufacture of complete hose assemblies to large OEM for automotive, agricultural, equipment manufacturing and end user industrial equipment.

Codan design and deliver coupled hose for vehicle and engine systems involving fuel injection, air condition, water / oil cooling, power steering and braking.

Codan also produce hose assemblies for numerous industrial applications including those used for welding gases, LPG appliances, food and drink delivery, compressed air, lubricating equipment, crop spraying / agricultural machinery, respiratory apparatus, fuel dispensing, medical gases and many more.

Hoses are assembled and orientated using specially designed tooling for each assembly. Fittings are crimped, swaged or clipped to design dimensions on modern equipment and tested in our own laboratories to ensure 100% conformance to the demands of the customer.

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