The product range of the Codan hoses cover many industries and vary depending on application

CODAN GROUP is a worldwide organization, incorporating Denmark, China and Thailand as the main sites. The purpose of our close cooperation is to optimize development, production and sales through a network of world wide production and distribution. Through CODAN GROUP we can produce and deliver high quality products to OEM at competitive prices worldwide.

CODAN produce straight and shaped rubber hoses plus complete hose systems encompassing plastic tubes, manipulated metal pipes and quick assembly fittings. In addition we produce rubber mouldings and extruded sealing systems as part of a range that covers almost all rubber applications in a car or commercial vehicle today.

CODAN’s flexible hose systems are specified for respiratory equipment, construction and farming machinery, food processing, gas and welding appliances and for use in manufacturing industry.

The wide product range offers high quality hoses according to the latest International standards.

CODAN offer an extensive Aftermarket hose programme for automotive applications. All hose types are available as Assemblies produced from advanced materials and updated production technologies.

CODAN cover a wide range of specific assemblies for current and older vehicles.

Codan produce hose assemblies for numerous industrial applications including those used for welding gases, LPG appliances, food and drink delivery, compressed air, lubricating equipment, crop spraying / agricultural machinery, respiratory apparatus, fuel dispensing, medical gases and many more.

Extruded profiles are critical components in many products such as vehicles, construction, pipe lines and civil engineering. Codan manufactures a multitude of profiles for use in the building sector, original machinery and for automotive applications.

Codan specialises in the design and manufacture of formed hoses, from simple elbows to multi branch shapes. These can be produced in a variety of rubber compounds including silicone. All tooling is designed and produced in plants accredited to TS 16949 with full engineering, testing and CAD capability.







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