Industrial hoses and assemblies

CODAN offers an extensive range of extruded and mandrel-built hoses produced from the most advanced materials and production processes.

Codan’s flexible hose systems are specified for respiratory equipment, construction and farming machinery, food processing, gas and welding appliances and for use in manufacturing industry.

The wide product range offers high quality hoses according to the latest International standards.

Critical applications cover breathing air, LPG & Natural gas, agricultural & industrial chemicals, food & drink and petroleum products. All hoses are produced under the accreditation of ISO9001.

Codan’s 6000 m2 European warehouse, production and test site in Koge stocks hose for immediate delivery. Here hose assemblies are designed and produced with ISO9001 approval for many industrial applications and highly regarded OEM customers.




Silicone corrugated tube

Type: Breathing Hose
Application: Compressed air

This hose is ideal for use when cleaning tanks or where the outer surface of the hose is exposed to adverse conditions. Good ozone resistance.

Type: Welding & Gas Hose
Application: Oxygen / Acetylene

Unique dividing groove allows easy separation.
Reinforced with Ester.

Type: Air / Water
Application: Compressed air & water

Extremely sturdy & pliable hose.
Designed for heavy-duty work.

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