Extruded profiles are critical components in many products such as vehicles, construction, pipe lines and civil engineering.

Codan manufactures a multitude of profiles for use in the building sector, original machinery and for automotive applications.

Many polymers, thermoplastic elastomers, foam rubbers and metal parts are used on their own or in combination to effect the greatest seal, expansion, grip or chemical resistance which may be required.

Profiles can be vulcanised into large O rings for pipe sealing, corners and various shapes for weatherproofing or in large shapes for container sealing. Flocking, metal trim and inserts are incorporated for use in vehicles or construction equipment.

Flocked and Polyurethane coated glass run channels are produced for automotive use and domestic appliance production.

Codan produces millions of metres of profile used in body sealing systems for the automotive industry. Rubber profiles and weather-strips are tailored to meet the exact profile dimensions of window and compartments in passenger cars, buses, trucks, agricultural and construction vehicles.

Sponge door weather-strips are designed with the OEM and include moulded joints and fastening clips systems for production line vehicle assembly and cab systems.

Sizeable Investments in the latest multi-material extruding equipment means Codan is at the forefront in developing sealing systems for many of the World’s OEM producers of vehicles.

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