Codan Test Centre

All of our rubber hoses go through rigorous testing before leaving our production facilities and in order to ensure consistent results and to document our findings we continually make investments to speed up and improve our testing facilities.

Get your own hoses tested for compliance

On request, we also test customer’s own hoses to ensure that they perform according to the official guidelines for specific applications. You may have stock of hoses, that require testing before coupling or assembly. Codan have the facilities for testing your hose in accordance with the relevant guidelines.

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Our latest acquisition in equipment is a stereomicroscope which test the cleanliness by analysing the hoses for foreign particles. These tests are especially important with regards to fuel hoses and hoses which transport liquid in machines because contamination from foreign elements can damage engine parts and reduce performance.

Consistency in material ensures a longer life
Impurities in the compound can have an adverse effect and might therefore cause the hose to deteriorate prematurely. By ensuring a high consistency of materials used in the hoses, we ensure a long life and maximum performance throughout its use.

The tests are application dependent
Relevant to the application of the hose we analyse the quality of the vulcanization as well as performing pressure tests to make sure the hose can perform in the most extreme conditions.

Testing facilities
Our production facilities are TS16949 / ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited and our products are designed to meet the strict requirements of OEM manufactures. To ensure that all of our products meet the stringent national and international standards, we continually carry out tests to ensure they meet the minimum requirement specified in each of the relevant norms.

Testing is carried out in accordance with international standards

Our in-house Test Centre perform industry accredited analysis of rubber compounds and the physical properties of rubber hoses.

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