Codan Rubber A/S is active in protecting the environment by always meeting legislative requirements and proactive efforts in both our internal and external environment.

Resources and Materials

Codan Rubber A/S will seek not to consume or sell products, whose use or disposal may be environmentally burdensome.

Codan Rubber A/S will on a permanent basis seek to reduce the companies’ consumption of irreplaceable resources – by, among other means, saving energy and by extending the lifetime of products.

In our choice of raw materials and consumables, Codan Rubber A/S will on a permanent basis seek to reduce the environmental impact and strive to recycle where this is practically and financially possible.

Codan Rubber A/S will obtain exhaustive information about all substances used in the various productions, produced during the various processes, and use this harvested knowledge as the basis for correct handling and in evaluating alternatives.


Codan Rubber A/S will on a permanent basis seek to reduce quantities and concentrations of emissions, regarding potential regulatory requirements as the social minimum requirements.

Employee Relations

​Codan Rubber A/S will carefully monitor that employee safety and health are not endangered when working with the companies’ materials and processes and will seek on a continual basis to improve work conditions in the companies. This will be ensured by making available to all employees the information, education and work experience necessary to live up to the environmental requirements.

Communication – Externally

Codan Rubber A/S will engage in an open dialogue with stakeholders concerning environmental issues and will not withhold any knowledge with which stakeholders should to be familiar.

Codan Rubber A/S will advise and potentially exercise pressure on suppliers and customers if it is deemed necessary for carrying out the company’s environmental policy.


It is the strategy of Codan Rubber A/S to constantly seek to increase research and development and streamline our product pipeline. As an experienced and certified manufacturer of OEM and Tier-1solutions Codan Rubber A/S is used to meeting customer specifications in all areas from advanced prototype development to large series of optimized hoses.

Our products are developed to last the lifetime of the vehicle and offer high resistance to liquids, impulse, pressure and temperature. As a dedicated supplier to the world’s leading car manufacturers Codan Rubber A/S has vast experience in all aspects of hose production.

Utilizing the latest CAD/CAM systems our skilled designers and engineers work closely with our customers as well as operational departments in order to ensure a perfect product.

Our comprehensive test facilities are used to perform well-documented tests on parts followed by a complete unit assembly and test. All this to make sure that the solution meets the customer as well as legislative requirements. The result is high quality assemblies that by all standards are among the strongest links in the chain.

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