Codan Rubber is leaving the White City of Koege

108 years after the first rubber component was manufactured by CODAN in The White City of Koege, we are moving our facilities away from where it all started. The new location is to the north of Koege where the city is flourishing with new and old industries.

We have chosen this location based on excellent links to the motorway network and also to make sure that our employees (our know how) from the local environment will still have a short commute.

CODAN was founded in 1908 based on a patented method of vulcanisation, making it possible to re-use old rubber and has always been one of the major industries in the Danish province of Koege employing more than 1800 men and women in 1950-1960s. Today, the production has necessitated a move to a facility with a greater capacity.

Please feel free to come by for a cup of coffee and check out our new facilities at Vaerkstedsvej 45-49, 4600 Koege, Denmark!

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